On Issues

EDUCATION: Focusing on the achievement gap while assuring adequate funding to achieve the goal.

SECURITY: Rescind the crime bill SB91 and start again with lessons learned. Greater State Trooper and trained security presence in our rural communities.

HEALTHCARE: Costs are beginning to overwhelm our resources. As a physician/ surgeon, I will bring insight into smart solutions and reforms.

PERMANENT FUND: For most in District 35, the PFD is real and necessary income. The PFD needs to be restored to its full amount.

FISH AND GAME: Fish and Game should be funded to support the necessary research and tools to enable optimum management and sustainability.

BALANCING THE BUDGET: It's just that simple-we have to live within our means. This doesn't mean raiding our reserves or trimming the PFD. Time to start asking the tough questions.

TRANSPORTATION: For District 35, transportation means the Alaska Marine Highway. Plain and simple, this is an issue that needs to be forcefully addressed for us.

CONNECTIVITY: The internet is a vital commercial and personal link. Reliability and bandwidth are a priority in District 35.


The must have - I caught a fish picture

The must have - I caught a fish picture

The Crew

The Crew

NATIVE ISSUES: Cultural values should be supported in every venue and begun in the earliest years. I am adopted and live in a native household.

ENERGY: Oil and gas are important, but for District 35 the generation of electrical power is a key issue in our communities.

JOBS: Nothing works without work. "North to the future" should mean you'll have a future. Jobs are the number one priority.

RESOURCES: Every natural resource needs to be evaluated, and then sustainably and safely utilized for the benefit of the state and its citizens.

OPIOD CRISIS: A solvable, complex issue made worse by the crime bill SB9 l.